Enrolment Form

To enrol at ROOSH, please go directly to our Portal: FullyBooked.

Medical Forms

If your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition, including an allergy or asthma, you must provide a full colour copy of the relevant Medical Plan signed by your Doctor within the last 12mths, AND complete a Risk Minimisation Plan. Below are some of the more common medical plans. If your child’s medical condition does not fit any of our pre-labelled Risk Minimisation Forms, please use the “Other Conditions” Form.

Risk of Anaphalyxis RED Form
Risk of Anaphalyxis Risk Minimisation Form

Allergy GREEN Form
Allergy Risk Minimisation Form

Asthma BLUE Form
Asthma Risk Minimisation Form

Eczema AQUA Form

Epilepsy Risk Minimisation Form

Diabetes Risk Minimisation Form

Other Conditions Risk Minimisation Form