Medical Conditions

ROOSH does not restrict enrollment for children who have medical conditions, however in some cases, the service, due to limited storage and location, may not be able to adequately cater for all health needs.
Families of children with a diagnosed disability or behavioral concern will need to meet with Stephen prior to enrolment to discuss if ROOSH can meet their child’s needs. Permission may also be sort to engage an Inclusion Support Agent (this is free of charge) who will provide assistance to the service during both the enrollment period, and the time the child is being cared for at the service.

If a child has a medical condition, then a medical management plan must be provided, along with two passport sized photos. This includes a Diagnosed Disability or Behavioral concern, Asthma, Diabetes and Anaphylaxis.

The child cannot attend the service without medication prescribed by the Doctor that is to be administered during an incident relating to the child’s medical condition (for example: Epi-pen)

All Staff and Volunteers will be informed of the requirements of management of any medical
condition of children who are enrolled at the service, including the location of medical plan, location
of medications, how and when to administer medications and any of specific information that may be required.